Speaker Biography

L Lateesh

Hand & Reconstructive Surgeon, India

Title: Surgical Outcome of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

L Lateesh

Dr L Lateesh, is a practicing Hand & Reconstructive Surgeon with over 15 years of experience having excelled in successfully performing complicated surgeries. 



Foot ulcers  are a serious complication of diabetes;  arising due to neuropathy, angiopathy ,arthropathy , tendinopathy leading  to altered  biomechanics of the foot  .The ulcers  will risk the patients with infections, amputations  and will have significant socioeconomic impact .The aim of the study is to setup  guidelines in the approach and treatment of diabetic  foot ulcers and  reduce the risk of amputations . An  analysis of  200 patients  from  2013 to 2017  who presented   to our podiatry  clinic  was grouped based on the location of the ulcers ,severity  of the ulcer , causative factors and co morbidities . The patients who underwent surgical offloading and reconstructive procedures were  followed up (average follow up 2.3Years)  and outcomes evaluated  based on the wound healing and complications . The study proves that appropriate surgical offloading has a significant role to play in reducing the incidence of amputations and complications in diabetic patients.